Welcome to West Burb Wieners

Welcome to West Burb Wieners

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 We are a charitable organization raising funds for the medical treatment of  orphaned pets already in foster or rescue care.


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 We are happy to announce that we still have 3 more events left this  year. They are the following Sept 22nd at the open house and dog event  at Canine Physical Rehab. the address is 2285 Cornell Ave. Montgomery  IL. The time for this event is from 10-2. The 2nd event is working with A  Heart for Animals at the Coldwell Banker at the Crystal Lake bank at  451 Conventry Lane. The event is from 11-2. Come see us at both events.  No races at either event. The last event is at Kane county Fair grounds  on Nov 9-10. We will be running races at this event on Sunday. We are  still not sure what time but will post it as soon as we know. Hope to  see you at the events.. 

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Come see us at the upcoming events. Info forth coming as dates get settled. 

West Burb Wieners