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 We are a charitable organization raising funds for the medical treatment of  orphaned pets already in foster or rescue care.


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We are happy to announce the upcoming event schedule for 2020. Our first event is at Arlington Race track on March 20-22 with races on the 22nd.  In April we have Chicago pet show on the 25th and 26th with races on the 26th. in June we have Dog Days at Cantigny park. We will have races there as well. the last one we have scheduled for now is Chicago pet show at Kane county Fairgrounds on Nov 7-8. We will do races on the 8th. As more events come up we will let you know about them please check our Facebook page for coupons and info on the events. Also come see us to see what animals we have been helping with donations for their care.

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Come see us at the upcoming events. Info forth coming as dates get settled. 

West Burb Wieners